Slack|What. Why.How.

If any of you have worked with Arcphor you know our team doesn’t have a traditional office but rather we work in non-traditional workplaces from Chesapeake to Williamsburg. Not being in an office setting works for us but presents a challenge for communication. There are plenty of means for communication, for example, text, call, email, Skype, Facetime, or Facebook. A communication problem started to develop for us when we realized that every team member doesn’t have time to be on every conference call and can only read so many emails.  Maybe you and your team can relate?  We wanted to find a program that allowed for transparency in our various projects. In a perfect world we could communicate back and forth about progress made without calling team members of spamming everyone’s email.

Then we met Slack. It was love at first download. Slack is a group-messaging app that was designed as a team-messaging tool. The beauty of Slack is that you can create multiple Channels with your team. We have created our channels based on different projects. Once you have created a channel you can invite anyone to be a contributor in this channel.  You also have the ability to create Private Channels. This is great if you have multiple projects going on and you can select specific people involved. Another benefit of Slack is that you can Direct Message anyone on your team; direct messages stay secure and remain private.

The feature that Arcphor uses on a daily basis is Mentions. A mention uses @teammembername to notify that person someone is mentioning them. There is also a search bar where you can easily reference mentions and content from any channel or documents loaded into Slack. If you want to get fancy you can sync it with tons of other apps and get all your notifications directly in Slack.

Slack reports that their users have seen an average 48.6% reduction in internal emails. As a Slack user, Arcphor is happy to report the same positive outcome. After integrating Slack into Arcphor’s day-to-day operations we are able to more easily see in-depth progress made on each project on a daily basis. The channels allow us to keep projects separate and organized. We have also enjoyed the overall decrease in email chains. Whether you are a large corporation using Slack to communicate with departments on another floor or you are small business like Arcphor we recommend you download Slack and reclaim your workday!